Top 100 Girls Names 1999

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The top 100 baby girls names from 1999. We are delighted to bring you a collection of the Top 100 Girls Names 1999 UK. This collection of names, origin and meanings comes straight from the national archives and represents the number of baby girls born and registered within England and Wales during 1999. We will keep these blogs available so that you can compare the naming trends and so the curious amongst us can look back at where our name ranked over the years. And for the younger audience where it ranked during the year of your birth.

1CHLOEGreekBlooming, verdant. Mythology: another name for Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.9628
3MEGANGreekPearl; great.6247
4JESSICAHebrewWealthy. Literature: a name perhaps invented by Shakespeare for a character in his play The Merchant of Venice.5719
5SOPHIEGreekA familiar form of Sophia.5682
6CHARLOTTEFrench"Little and womanly" See Caroline. Famous Charlottes include novelists Charlotte Bronte and Charlotte Lennox.5430
7HANNAHGermanA form of Johann.5052
8LAURENEnglishA form of Laura, meaning "crowned with laurel" Actress Lauren Bacall.4955
9REBECCAHebrewTied, bound. Bible: the wife of Isaac.4767
10LUCYLatinLight; bringer of light.4515
12GEORGIAGreekFarmer. Art: Georgia O'Keeffe was an American painter known especially for her paintings of flowers. Geography: a southern American state; a country of former USSR. See also Jirina, Jorja.4257
13KATIEEnglishA familiar form of Katherine. Actress Katie Holmes, from the TV series Dawson's Creek.4093
14BETHANYAramaicHouse of figs. Bible: the site of Lazarus's resurrection.4068
15EMMAGermanA short form of Emily, which means "industrious" Flaubert's title heroine Emma Bovary, as well as poet Emma Lazarus are famous Emmas.3565
16OLIVIALatinA form of Olive.3550
17COURTNEYEnglish"From the court" Among notable people with this name are actress Courtney Cox, of TV's Friends, and rocker Courtney Love.3251
18SHANNONIrishSmall and wise.2904
19ELEANORGreekLight. History: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was a U.S. delegate to the United Nation, a writer, and the thirty-second First Lady of the United States.2724
21ELLIEEnglishShort form of Eleanor, Ella, and Ellen.2492
22ABIGAILHebrewFather's joy. Bible: one of the wives of King David.2485
23HOLLYEnglishPlant With Red Berries.2419
24MOLLYIrishA familiar form of Mary, meaning "bitterness; sorrow" Famous people with this name include the legendary subject of the traditional song "Molly Malone," Molly Bloom of James Joyce's Ulysses, actress Molly Ringwald, and writer Molly Ivins.2413
25LAURALatinCrowned with laurel.2299
27SARAHHebrewThis name means "princess" The name of the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Distinguished individuals with this name include former first lady Sarah Polk, astronomer Sarah F. Whiting, as well as actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Sarah Michelle Gellar.2062
29RACHELHebrewThis name has the meaning "innocence of a lamb" The name of the wife of the biblical patriarch Jacob. Among renowned Rachels are Rachel Carson and former first lady Rachel Jackson.1890
30ELIZABETHHebrewConsecrated to God. Bible: the mother of John the Baptist.1702
32PAIGEEnglishYoung child.1687
33GEORGINAEnglishA form of Georgia.1624
34DANIELLEHebrewGod is my judge.1598
36NICOLEFrenchA form of Nicholas.1577
37NATASHARussianA name that derives from the Latin name Natalie, meaning "child of Christmas" Among famous Natashas are actress Natasha Henstridge and Russian Olympic gymnastics coach Natasha Matveena.1542
38ELLAEnglishElfin; beautiful fairy-woman.1538
40LEAHHebrew"Weary" One of Jacob's two wives. Among well-known individuals with this name is writer Leah Goldberg.1474
42ANNAGermanA form of the Hebrew name Hannah, which means "gracious" Among renowned people with this name are great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova; psychologist Anna Freud; actress Anna Magnani; Black Beauty author Anna Sewall; former first lady Anna Harrison; botanist Anna Atkins; chemist Anna J. Harrison; model Anna Nicole Smith; as well as poet Anna Akhmatova.1389
44SAMANTHAHebrewTold by God; listener.1345
46ALEXANDRAGreekA feminine form of Alexander, which means "protector of man".1290
47JASMINEPersianJasmine flower.1268
48AMELIAGermanHard working.1249
49LOUISEGermanFamous warrior.1102
50LYDIAGreekFrom Lydia, an ancient land in Asia.1083
51NATALIELatinBorn on Christmas day.1082
52ABBIEHebrewA familiar form of Abigail.1073
53FRANCESCAItalianA form of Frances.1052
54MELISSAGreekHoney bee.1009
56HARRIETFrenchRuler of the household.944
57IMOGENEnglishInnocent, last born. The name of the heroine of Shakespeare's play Cymbehoe as a result of a printing error in the Folio edition of the play.942
58JODIEAmericanA familiar form of Judith.937
59GEMMALatinJewel, precious stone.919
59KAYLEIGHAmericanA form of Kaylee.919
60LILYLatinA form of Lilly.873
61JENNIFERWelshWhite wave; white phantom. A form of Guinevere.858
63DAISYEnglish"Eye of the day," it is the name of a white and yellow flower. MTV host Daisy Fuentes.839
64NIAMHIrishA form of Niam.837
65MILLIEEnglishA familiar form of Amelia, Camille, Emily, Kamila, Melissa, Mildred, Millicent.813
66AIMEELatinA form of Amy.809
67KIRSTYGreekA familiar form of Kirsten.792
68HOLLIEEnglishA form of Holly.788
69ROSIEEnglishA familiar form of Rosalind, Rosanna, and Rose. Talk show host and actress Rosie O'Donnell.786
70JORDANHebrew"Descend" Supermodel Jordan follows the trend of single names among celebrities.774
71MOLLIEIrishA form of Molly.760
73MIAItalianMine. A familiar form of Michaela, Michelle.721
74ISOBELSpanishA form of Isabel.702
75ELLENEnglishA form of Eleanor or Helen. Among notable people with this name are actress Ellen Corby; former first lady Ellen Arthur, wife of Chester Arthur; comedian Ellen DeGeneres, and novelist Ellen Glasgow.691
76ERINIrishPeace. History: another name for Ireland.679
77BETHANWelshConsecrated To God.673
78SIANWelshA female form of John (Sion). Notable people with this name include Sian Lloyd, British television personality.661
79ALICIAEnglishA form of Alice which means "noble" or "bright" Clueless star Alicia Silverstone.659
80RHIANNONWelshA name that signifies "pure," a good sorceress in The Mabinogion, a Welsh legend.657
81ASHLEIGHEnglishA form of Ashley.653
83MADELEINEFrenchSignifies "woman of Magdala" Famous Madeleines include Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, actress Madeleine Stowe, and author Madeleine de Souvre.601
84ISABELLEFrenchA form of Isabel.596
84KELSEYScandinavianShip island.596
85ISABELLAItalianA form of the name Isabel, meaning "pledged to God" Among the notable people with this name are actress Isabella Rossellini and Queen Isabella of Castile, who financed Columbus's voyage to America.594
86NAOMIHebrewSignifying "pleasant" or "beautiful" The name of the mother-in-law of Ruth from the Hebrew Scriptures. Celebrity Naomis include supermodel Naomi Campbell, who personifies beauty, while author Naomi Wolf comments upon it.574
87YASMINPersianJasmine flower.564
88MORGANScottishSea warrior.563
88ROBYNEnglishFrom The Name Robin.563
89ISABELSpanishConsecrated to God.544
90MAISIEScottishA familiar form of Margaret.540
91POPPYLatinPoppy flower.534
92RACHAELHebrewA form of Rachel.530
93CHANTELLEFrenchA form of Chantal.520
95HEATHEREnglishSignifies a flower associated with Scotland. Among well-known women with this name are Melrose Place's Heather Locklear and model Heather Stewart-Whyte.509
96TAYLOREnglishLiterally means "tailor" Singer Taylor Dane.505
97CHARLIEEnglishA familiar form of Charles.500
98KATHRYNEnglishA form of Katherine.487
99EVEHebrewLife. Bible: the first woman created by God.484
100RUBYFrenchPrecious stone.475

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