Top 100 Girls Names 2017

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The top 100 baby girls names from 2017. We are delighted to bring you a collection of the Top 100 Girls Names 2017 UK. This collection of names, origin and meanings comes straight from the national archives and represents the number of baby girls born and registered within England and Wales during 2017. We will keep these blogs available so that you can compare the naming trends and so the curious amongst us can look back at where our name ranked over the years. And for the younger audience where it ranked during the year of your birth.

1OLIVIALatinA form of Olive.5017
2AMELIAGermanHard working.4777
4ISLAScottishGeography: the River Isla in Scotland.3476
5AVAGreekA form of Eva.3285
6ISABELLAItalianA form of the name Isabel, meaning "pledged to God" Among the notable people with this name are actress Isabella Rossellini and Queen Isabella of Castile, who financed Columbus's voyage to America.2729
7LILYLatinA form of Lilly.2722
8JESSICAHebrewWealthy. Literature: a name perhaps invented by Shakespeare for a character in his play The Merchant of Venice.2703
9ELLAEnglishElfin; beautiful fairy-woman.2702
10MIAItalianMine. A familiar form of Michaela, Michelle.2662
12CHARLOTTEFrench"Little and womanly" See Caroline. Famous Charlottes include novelists Charlotte Bronte and Charlotte Lennox.2596
13POPPYLatinPoppy flower.2506
14SOPHIEGreekA familiar form of Sophia.2505
16EVIEHungarianA form of Eve.2487
18SCARLETTEnglishBright red. Literature: Scarlett O'Hara is the heroine of Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind".2096
20FLORENCELatinBlooming; flowery; prosperous. History: Florence Nightingale, a British nurse, is considered the founder of modern nursing.2072
21ISABELLEFrenchA form of Isabel.2066
22DAISYEnglish"Eye of the day," it is the name of a white and yellow flower. MTV host Daisy Fuentes.2020
23CHLOEGreekBlooming, verdant. Mythology: another name for Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.1980
25MATILDAGermanPowerful battler.1915
26RUBYFrenchPrecious stone.1904
27EVELYNEnglish"Hazelnut" President John F. Kennedy's personal secretary and confidante was Evelyn Lincoln.1877
28SIENNAAmericanA form of Ciana.1815
29SOFIAGreekA form of Sophia.1683
30EVAGreekA short form of Evangelina.1641
31ELSIEGermanA familiar form of Elsa, Helsa.1574
32WILLOWEnglishAs in "willow tree" Among notable people with this name, fashion model Willow Bay.1536
33IVYEnglishSignifting the climbing plant.1509
34MILLIEEnglishA familiar form of Amelia, Camille, Emily, Kamila, Melissa, Mildred, Millicent.1456
35ESMEFrenchA familiar form of Esmeralda.1416
36ROSIEEnglishA familiar form of Rosalind, Rosanna, and Rose. Talk show host and actress Rosie O'Donnell.1403
37IMOGENEnglishInnocent, last born. The name of the heroine of Shakespeare's play Cymbehoe as a result of a printing error in the Folio edition of the play.1400
38ELIZABETHHebrewConsecrated to God. Bible: the mother of John the Baptist.1384
39MAYAHindiGod's creative power.1374
40LAYLAHebrewA form of Leila.1358
41EMILIAItalianA form of Amelia, Emily.1356
42LOLASpanishA familiar form of Carlotta, Dolores, Louise.1298
43LUCYLatinLight; bringer of light.1273
44HARPEREnglishHarp player.1256
45ELIZAHebrewA short form of Elizabeth.1226
46ERINIrishPeace. History: another name for Ireland.1212
47ELEANORGreekLight. History: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was a U.S. delegate to the United Nation, a writer, and the thirty-second First Lady of the United States.1147
48ELLIEEnglishShort form of Eleanor, Ella, and Ellen.1142
49HARRIETFrenchRuler of the household.1132
50MAISIEScottishA familiar form of Margaret.1111
51HOLLYEnglishPlant With Red Berries.1098
52EMMAGermanA short form of Emily, which means "industrious" Flaubert's title heroine Emma Bovary, as well as poet Emma Lazarus are famous Emmas.1080
53GEORGIAGreekFarmer. Art: Georgia O'Keeffe was an American painter known especially for her paintings of flowers. Geography: a southern American state; a country of former USSR. See also Jirina, Jorja.1078
55MOLLYIrishA familiar form of Mary, meaning "bitterness; sorrow" Famous people with this name include the legendary subject of the traditional song "Molly Malone," Molly Bloom of James Joyce's Ulysses, actress Molly Ringwald, and writer Molly Ivins.1041
56HANNAHGermanA form of Johann.1033
57ABIGAILHebrewFather's joy. Bible: one of the wives of King David.1023
58JASMINEPersianJasmine flower.1018
59LILLYLatinA familiar form of Lilith.1014
60ANNABELLEEnglishA form of Annabel.1009
62PENELOPEGreekWeaver. Mythology: the clever and loyal wife of Odysseus, a Greek hero.972
63AMELIEFrenchA form of Amelia.964
64VIOLETFrenchBotany: a plant with pirplish blue flowers.959
67ZARAHebrewA form of Sarah, Zora.876
68MARIAHebrewBitter; sea of bitterness.853
69NANCYEnglishA form of Ann, meaning "gracious" Among notable people with this name is former first lady Nancy Reagan.842
70DARCIEIrishA form of Darcy.791
71LOTTIEGermanA familiar form of Charlotte.782
72ANNAGermanA form of the Hebrew name Hannah, which means "gracious" Among renowned people with this name are great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova; psychologist Anna Freud; actress Anna Magnani; Black Beauty author Anna Sewall; former first lady Anna Harrison; botanist Anna Atkins; chemist Anna J. Harrison; model Anna Nicole Smith; as well as poet Anna Akhmatova.779
74MARTHAAramaicLady; sorrowful. Bible: a friend of Jesus.756
75HEIDIGermanA short form of Adelaide, which means "noble" or "serene" Heidi is the title character the popular children's story by Johanna Spyri.752
76GRACIEEnglishA familiar form of Grace.744
78MARYAMHebrewA form of Miriam.711
79BEATRICELatinBlesses; happy; bringer of joy.685
80MILARussianDear one.679
82MEGANGreekPearl; great.658
83IRISGreekRainbow. Mythology: the goddess of the rainbow and messenger of the gods.648
84LEXIGreekA familiar form of Alexandra.626
85ROBYNEnglishFrom The Name Robin.622
87CLARALatinClear; bright. Music: Clara Schumann was a famous nineteenth century German composer.611
87FRANCESCAItalianA form of Frances.611
88SARAHebrewA form of Sarah.606
92ARABELLALatinBeautiful altar.577
93MADDISONAmericanA form of Madison.576
94SARAHHebrewThis name means "princess" The name of the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Distinguished individuals with this name include former first lady Sarah Polk, astronomer Sarah F. Whiting, as well as actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Sarah Michelle Gellar.572
95FELICITYEnglishA form of Felicia.570
97LEAHHebrew"Weary" One of Jacob's two wives. Among well-known individuals with this name is writer Leah Goldberg.564
98LYDIAGreekFrom Lydia, an ancient land in Asia.563
99EDITHEnglish"Rich gift" Famous persons with this name include actress Dame Edith Evans, former first ladies Edith Roosevelt and Edith Wilson, and writer Edith Wharton, who penned The Age of Innocence.558
100BROOKEEnglishLiterally signifies "brook" or "stream" A feminine form of Brook. Actress Brooke Shields.557

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