US Girl Names Top 100

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US girl names top 100.

We are delighted to bring you a collection of the US girl names top 100. This collection of names, origin and meanings comes straight from the social security archive and represents the number of baby girls born and registered within the United States during 2017.

1EmmaGermanA short form of Emily, which means "industrious" Flaubert's title heroine Emma Bovary, as well as poet Emma Lazarus are famous Emmas.19738
2OliviaLatinA form of Olive.18632
3AvaGreekA form of Eva.15902
4IsabellaItalianA form of the name Isabel, meaning "pledged to God" Among the notable people with this name are actress Isabella Rossellini and Queen Isabella of Castile, who financed Columbus's voyage to America.15100
6MiaItalianMine. A familiar form of Michaela, Michelle.13437
7CharlotteFrench"Little and womanly" See Caroline. Famous Charlottes include novelists Charlotte Bronte and Charlotte Lennox.12893
8AmeliaGermanHard working.11800
9EvelynEnglish"Hazelnut" President John F. Kennedy's personal secretary and confidante was Evelyn Lincoln.10675
10AbigailHebrewFather's joy. Bible: one of the wives of King David.10551
11HarperEnglishHarp player.10451
13ElizabethHebrewConsecrated to God. Bible: the mother of John the Baptist.8915
14AveryEnglishA form of Aubrey.8186
15SofiaGreekA form of Sophia.8134
16EllaEnglishElfin; beautiful fairy-woman.8014
17MadisonEnglishSon of Maude; good son.7847
18ScarlettEnglishBright red. Literature: Scarlett O'Hara is the heroine of Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind".7679
22ChloeGreekBlooming, verdant. Mythology: another name for Demeter, the goddess of agriculture.6912
23CamilaItalianA form of Camille.6752
24PenelopeGreekWeaver. Mythology: the clever and loyal wife of Odysseus, a Greek hero.6639
26LaylaHebrewA form of Leila.6274
27LillianLatinLily flower.6132
28NoraGreekLight. A familiar form of Eleanor, Honora, Leonor.6036
29ZoeyGreekA form of Zoe.6026
30MilaRussianDear one.5941
31AubreyGermanNoble; bearlike.5891
32HannahGermanA form of Johann.5872
33LilyLatinA form of Lilly.5816
34AddisonEnglish"Son of Adam" Addison Verrill is a celebrated zoologist.5593
35EleanorGreekLight. History: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was a U.S. delegate to the United Nation, a writer, and the thirty-second First Lady of the United States.5519
36NatalieLatinBorn on Christmas day.5516
38SavannahSpanishTreeless plain.5222
39BrooklynAmericanA combination of Brook & Lynn.5168
40LeahHebrew"Weary" One of Jacob's two wives. Among well-known individuals with this name is writer Leah Goldberg.5159
43HazelEnglish"Hazelnut tree" Among notable people with this name is former U.S. senator Hazel Abel and jazz pianist Hazel Scott.5004
44EllieEnglishShort form of Eleanor, Ella, and Ellen.4993
45PaisleyScottishPatterned fabric first made in Paisley, Scotland.4927
46AudreyEnglish"Noble strength" Among notable people with this name are actresses Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Meadows.4808
47SkylarDutchA form of Schuyler, Skyler.4706
48VioletFrenchBotany: a plant with pirplish blue flowers.4699
49ClaireFrench"Famous one" or "bright" Actresses Claire Bloom and Claire Trevor.4683
51AuroraLatinDawn. Mythology: the goddess of dawn.4573
52LucyLatinLight; bringer of light.4564
53AnnaGermanA form of the Hebrew name Hannah, which means "gracious" Among renowned people with this name are great Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova; psychologist Anna Freud; actress Anna Magnani; Black Beauty author Anna Sewall; former first lady Anna Harrison; botanist Anna Atkins; chemist Anna J. Harrison; model Anna Nicole Smith; as well as poet Anna Akhmatova.4520
54SamanthaHebrewTold by God; listener.4303
55CarolineFrenchSignifies "little and womanly" Among notable people with this name are former first lady Caroline Harrison, wife of Benjamin Harrison, and Princess Caroline of Monaco.4270
56GenesisGreekBeginning, origin.4241
57AaliyahHebrewA form of Aliya.4160
58KennedyIrishHelmeted chief. History: Jonh F. Keddedywas the thirty-fifth U.S. president.4137
59KinsleyEnglishKing's field. King is one of several titles occasionally used as given names.4035
60AllisonEnglishA form of Alison.4017
61MayaHindiGod's creative power.4008
62SarahHebrewThis name means "princess" The name of the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac. Distinguished individuals with this name include former first lady Sarah Polk, astronomer Sarah F. Whiting, as well as actresses Sarah Bernhardt and Sarah Michelle Gellar.3986
63MadelynGreekA form of Madeline.3939
64AdelineEnglishA form of Adelaide.3902
65AlexaGreekA short form of Alexandra.3883
67ElenaGreekA form of Eleanor.3863
68GabriellaItalianA form of Gabriela.3862
69NaomiHebrewSignifying "pleasant" or "beautiful" The name of the mother-in-law of Ruth from the Hebrew Scriptures. Celebrity Naomis include supermodel Naomi Campbell, who personifies beauty, while author Naomi Wolf comments upon it.3823
71SadieHebrewA familiar form of Sarah.3695
72HaileyEnglishA form of Haile.3691
73EvaGreekA short form of Evangelina.3614
74EmiliaItalianA form of Amelia, Emily.3581
75QuinnEnglishSignifies "queen".3575
77PiperEnglishPipe player.3542
78RubyFrenchPrecious stone.3540
80WillowEnglishAs in "willow tree" Among notable people with this name, fashion model Willow Bay.3529
81Everly  3505
82CoraGreekMaiden. Mythology: Kore is another name for Persephone, the goddess of the underworld.3422
83KayleeAmericanA form of Kayla.3390
84LydiaGreekFrom Lydia, an ancient land in Asia.3311
85AubreeFrenchA form of Aubrey.3302
86AriannaGreekA form of Ariana.3264
87ElianaHebrew"The Lord is my God".3254
88PeytonEnglishA form of Patton.3244
89MelanieGreekDark skinned.3227
90GiannaItalianA short form of Giovanna.3183
91IsabelleFrenchA form of Isabel.3145
93ValentinaLatinStrong. Histori: Valentina Tereshkova, a Soviet cosmonaut, was the first woman in space.3027
94NovaLatinNew. A short form of Novella, Novia.3026
95ClaraLatinClear; bright. Music: Clara Schumann was a famous nineteenth century German composer.3022
96VivianLatinFull of life.3013
97ReaganIrishLittle ruler.2999
98MackenzieIrishSon of Kenzie; fire-born.2941
99MadelineGreekHigh tower.2938
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